Gilma began its romantic journey in 2001. Gilma as brand was positioned in the premium markets with various product categories as chimneys, hobs, cook tops and microwave ovens. The overwhelming response gained from the customers for its outstanding products inspired Gilma to further focus on adding value to the consumers’ life rather than just the functionality. Thus Gilma grew with an aim to not only suit today’s lifestyle but making the customers stay in tomorrow’s lifestyle.

Gilma has everything to make sure you have a spotless experience cooking in your kitchen, literally. Well there is just one place where the steam is still going to remain…in your romance.

The stunning range of chimneys has a dual role of its exclusive function and also adding attraction to the kitchen. As a kitchen in the modern world is no more just a part of the house but a symbol of a well planned and executed house.

As part of its expansion Gilma has been constantly designing and adding new exciting ranges to its product portfolio.

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